home is wherever i’m with you; chapter 2.

[prologue] [chapter 1]

based off of this prompt: Louis gives a teacher a blow job at his school, his parents find out and decide to ship him off to a conservative Private School far away. There he meets Harry, who is incredibly innocent and doesn’t really understand the concept of sex. Louis makes it his mission to pop Harry’s cherry, and turn him into a cock!slut. He falls for Harry in the process. (last part is optional.) Louis is 17 and Harry has just turned 15.

rating: mature [future chapters]

[Harry’s POV]

Harry sits at his wide wooden desk, homework strewn wildly across the length of it. His breakfast sits (now cold) at the very edge, all that’s left now is a half-eaten muffin and the crusts from his toast. Zayn lounges comfortably on his twin bed and Liam relaxes near his feet, his legs propped up by the back of Harry’s desk chair.

“Just wondering how the fuck you two managed to pass biology,” Harry says, chucking his review book across the room with a loud groan. “I’m smarter than both of you and I can’t understand a fucking thing.”

Zayn shrugs. “I sat next to a smart ass.”

“Girlfriend tutored me,” Liam says.

“That’s embarrassing,” Harry snorts before swiveling around in his seat to push all of his various papers into one neat pile.

With a sudden bang, his door flies open and in comes Niall, a stupidly wide grin plastered on his face. “Guess what,” He says excitedly, eying Harrys half eaten muffin and picking it up without permission.

“Alien invasion?” Liam tries, his face filled with mild curiosity.

Niall makes a face, picking at the muffin. “Your real parents are leprechauns, they found out where you’ve been hiding, and they’re trying to get you back to the other side of the rainbow?” Harry asks with mock excitement.

“What the fuck?” Niall says, stuffing his mouth with a rather large portion of muffin. “No. We’ve got a new student!”  

“Is it Megan Fox?” Zayn pipes up, his face looking hopeful.

“No, better! A boy!” Niall says excitedly.

The lads look at him like he’s gone completely mad. “How the hell is that better than Megan Fox?” Zayn asks.

“Well I suppose it’s not - better, really. But, you know, more…whatever.”

Liam nods slowly. “Soooo, what’s he like then?”          

“He seems really cool. His name is Louis. He’s in year twelve, plays football, okay grades,” He leans against the wall opposite Harry’s bed. “He’s taking sociology, like you.” He mentions to Harry.

“Is he nice?”

“Well…” Niall makes a thoughtful face. “He seemed…well. I mean he was enrolled pretty fast, I’m guessing he doesn’t wanna be here all that much.” He says quickly. “That’s why we should make him feel welcome, yeah?”

Zayn stares blankly at their blonde friend, Harry’s face is screwed up in confusion from his weird behavior, and Liam is just shaking his head. “What in the world has gotten into you, mate?” Zayn wonders out loud.

“I just know what it’s like to be new and lonely.”

Harry frowns briefly, makes a face like he’s contemplating the idea, before, “He’s a total fucking weirdo, isn’t he?”   

No!” Niall exclaims, trying to stop Harry from thinking any further into the subject. It’s too late, though, and by now Harry is imagining some sort of greasy haired outcast, scarred from years of bullying and crippled with a sixth toe. “He’s normal - I promise. I told him to call me over when he’s finished.”

“What!” Harry sits up, eyes wide. “Why?”

“We - technically I - need to show him around so he’s not lost tomorrow.” The Irish lad explains, finishing off his pastry. “Thought we could do it together.”

Harry groans. Zayn sighs at the ceiling, tired. Liam just nods. “Alright.”

They’re quiet for a bit and Harry’s annoyed, because he really didn’t feel like doing anything today, let alone show some weirdo around his entire school.

“It’s been like 10 minutes…” Niall says, breaking the silence.

“Maybe he forgot.”

“Maybe we should just go over ourselves? It’s already four, we don’t have all that long ‘til we’re not allowed back in the school halls.”

Niall nods like it’s a brilliant idea, pushes himself off the wall quickly. Like a school of fish they follow each other out of Harry’s dorm down to the end of the hall, which isn’t really all that far. Niall is in front of them all, knocking loudly on Louis’ door. There’s no response.

“Louis?” He calls.

The blonde turns back to his friends with a nervous, wide eyed look, and it reminds Harry of when he was in year six and his science experiment stopped working at the exact moment his teacher came to grade him. “I don’t know where he would’ve gone.” He says quietly, mouth slanted.

“Maybe he’s got his headphones in?” Zayn suggests.

Harry rolls his eyes, pushing past his friends and insistently pounding on his door even harder than before. There’s a muffled sound of something falling on the other side of the door and Harry cocks an eyebrow, confused. “What the fuck is this guy doi—”

The door flies open and Harry jolts back in surprise, stumbling onto Liam’s toe. “Ow - Harry,” he complains, shoving him by the shoulder. Whispering a string of expletives, Harry pushes the hair that’s fallen in front of eyes back on his forehead, gaping openly when he finally looks up.

Standing in the doorway is, who Harry assumes to be, Louis - no taller than him, with tired blue eyes and small, femininely pink lips. His hair is feathery and brown and sticks up in all different directions, making it obvious they’d just woken him up.

Their eyes find one anothers immediately and the same dumbstruck expressions are stuck on either of their faces before Louis’ lips suddenly pull into a pretty smile and Harry’s stomach flips uncomfortably, not having expected him to look, like - er. This.

“Hello.” Louis says. His voice is soft and delicate and oh, God.

Niall grins, nudging Harry aside. “Sorry if we woke you up, mate. We were planning on showing you around, that alrigh’?”

“Yeah, fine. Uhm.” He pauses, eyes flickering back to Harry nervously. “Let me put on shoes or, um - yeah, just…hold on.” He slams the door shut again and Harry’s breath is short.

He turns around to find the boys staring at him, strange smiles on all their faces.


“Nothing.” They all murmur, looking in all different directions.

When Louis comes out he seems to have changed his outfit completely, having put on a pair of trousers and a fresh t-shirt, feet covered by a worn looking pair of Toms. Harry notices idly that his feet are actually quite small and for some reason he finds it really, really adorable.

Louis seems shy at first, barely speaking unless he’s addressed first, and Harry notices he fixes his hair almost as much as he does. It’s a cute, subconscious habit that Harry enjoys watching.

They show him the cafeteria first, then the lounge. Liam reads off his classes like a map and points to where they have to go next, shouting random, embarrassing things like, ‘to the west wing we go!’ and Harry blushes because Louis keeps giving him these small, apprehensive looks.

It’s nearing six o’clock when Niall leads them downstairs, pushing on the heavy double doors and nearly skipping down the wide, grassy hill. “And out here, is our favorite place.”

Louis tucks his hands under his armpits, clearly cold. The wind whips his hair around it’s really…quite pretty. “This empty field of grass is your favorite place?” Louis asks, looking around like he’s confused.

Harry snorts, realizing how boring it must seem to anyone else. Louis turns to look at him, a grin lingering on his face.

Niall shakes his head. “No, no, no. It’s this way - though, in my opinion, this is a pretty nice field of grass.” Harry laughs at that, purposely walking slower than the rest. Liam and Zayn stick by Louis’ side like bodyguards while Harry is a couple paces behind. He silently prays none of them turn around because he can’t help but stare at Louis’ ass every five seconds.

"This is our favorite place,” the Irish boy says as they sneak through a tight swarm of branches and scratchy leaves. Louis whacks at them, holds lightly onto Zayn’s sleeve as it becomes increasingly darker.

Harry looked around the familiar setting; large trees surrounding the small space, several picnic tables gathered under the shade like they’d been moved there. In the middle was some kind of makeshift bonfire with four lawn chairs circled around it. There wasn’t much else, but that’s only because they hadn’t had much time to fix it since they’d gotten back from summer vacation. (They were lazy).

“I think it used to be like, a courtyard type of thing. Somewhere students would eat during break. But then we redid the main building so this got left behind.” Zayn explains, leaning against the picnic table.

"…It’s charming." Louis says.

Niall looks happy for no apparent reason - like always. “It’s great cause like, no one comes out here. So we can come anytime, really. Also,” He points up towards a large wooden pole. “The lights still go on ‘til about midnight, so it’s not creepy or nothin’.”

“Oh. Cool.” Louis says carefully. He crosses his arms and stands awkwardly near one of the shorter, skinnier trees. Harry observes him with an amused look on his face.

“The teachers kind of think we don’t know anything about breaking the rules,” Liam adds. “So no one cares if we leave or just walk right out of the building in the middle of the day.”

“They don’t really check your schedule - you can just say you’re going to lunch or something and they don’t even care,” mutters Zayn.

Louis’ eyes narrow skeptically. “Really?”

“What, do you not believe us?” Harry asks with a laugh.

“It all just seems so…easy,” the boy laughs, his eyes meeting Harry’s for the briefest of seconds. His heart stops, restarts. “So what, you guys are all big rule breakers? Real bad asses?” There’s a smirk on his face that wasn’t there seconds ago and it seems like he’s mocking them - which is a little risky considering they were only trying to be nice to him.

“Well -” Niall starts, but Harry smacks his arm.

Don’t answer that.” He hisses.

“What do you boys get up to here? Pull pranks on teachers, replace the low fat milk cartons with 2% -” He notices Harrys glare. “Just kidding. This place seems boring is all, can’t imagine what anyone does.”

“Alcohol helps,” says Zayn.

Liam’s face pales. “No it doesn’t!”

“Helps me.”

“Ooh, so you drink? Why didn’t I see that one coming?” Wow. Okay. So he’s sort of annoying. “Luckily for you I won’t tell. I’m from Doncaster. Don’t think anyone there doesn’t drink.”

Harry’s eyes move to Niall as if saying, ‘what have you gotten us into?’ but it fades with the realization this boy could actually be a lot of fun. “We could use some fun around here, right boys?”

They nod in agreement, Zayn throwing in a ‘yes, please.’ although Liam’s eyes flash with a sudden worry only Harry notices. He’s the daddy of the group - Papa Payne. He doesn’t like the idea of them getting into trouble, no more than occasionally skipping class or staying off grounds for too long.

“Great.” Louis says, licking his lips. Harry checks his phone for the time to distract himself. 6:30. “And we can. But, uhm - would you mind if we ate first? Don’t think I’d be much use passed out.”

“Oh, right. To the cafeteria!” Niall shouts, leading them all through the field and back inside. Harry watches Louis’ ass as he walks uphill, a pleased smirk stuck on his face. This year was going to better than he’d first imagined.


kso I know it says in the prompt Harry has to be like, super innocent and not know a lot about sex, but in my mind, that doesn’t mean he has to be like a 4 year old. I like sarcastic Harry, so I’m just making him a sarcastic 15 year old who knows nothing about sex. I guess you’ll see that in future chapters though. Ok thanks for reading c”;

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