home is wherever i’m with you; chapter 1.

[prologue here]

based off of this prompt: Louis gives a teacher a blow job at his school, his parents find out and decide to ship him off to a conservative Private School far away. There he meets Harry, who is incredibly innocent and doesn’t really understand the concept of sex. Louis makes it his mission to pop Harry’s cherry, and turn him into a cock!slut. He falls for Harry in the process. (last part is optional.) Louis is 17 and Harry has just turned 15.

rating: mature [future chapters]

Sunday morning was terrible. He’d hugged Stan and Hannah goodbye for such a long time he ended up having to be pulled away from them before he missed his train. His mother hugged him briefly and kissed his forehead, still having trouble looking him in his eyes even as he boarded the train that’d be taking him away for months. His sisters all waved and the twins cried and it made him cry even more.

He thanked God that the train there was quite empty and he was left alone in his compartment, crying for about another half hour before he was too tired to continue.

What was wrong with him? It’s not like he was an innocent angel but he never thought of himself as the type to suck a teacher off. Let alone the type to get caught doing so.

He couldn’t sleep the entire way there and when the train finally came to his stop, he felt like his head had just been trampled on. He pulled out his suitcases from the overhead cabin and nearly tripped his way off of the train, the tiny wheels getting caught on the carpet. A taxi sits waiting for him outside, and for the briefest of moments Louis considers ignoring it, taking the train somewhere else. But he pushes the thought away, knowing full well he’d get caught and probably beheaded by his already frustrated mother, and gets in the taxi instead.

The ride to the school is quick compared to the train ride and he waved to the driver shortly, tugging his bags out of the trunk. The school looked just like it did in the pictures; made of stone and surrounded by green. He sighed and wondered how the fuck he ended up here, in this shitty situation. He wishes it could just be Monday again, when his life wasn’t this and his personal problems weren’t being spread around his entire college like wildfire.

When he’d asked Stan earlier if anyone had found out, Stan unsteadily replied, ‘Err, well…yeah, I mean - a few people found out about it, but…’ (Which basically translates to, ‘the entire school knows by now.’)

Louis tugs on his beanie so it covers his ears and grabs at his sleeves so they cover his hands. Inside it’s warmer, though it might as well have been an igloo with how empty and lifeless it felt. He stood still for a whole minute, listening for any signs of life (breathing, footsteps, maybe a sneeze?) when suddenly he hears the scribbling of a pen from somewhere around the corner.

He follows the sound cautiously and notices a grey haired women bent over about a million papers, writing at a furiously fast speed.

“Uhm, hello?” Louis asks, knocking lightly on the wooden surface of her desk.

The woman’s head snaps up and her eyes look gigantic beneath her glasses. Louis manages to stifle a laugh. “Hello, what can I help you with dear?” She asks hurriedly. And really, what could be keeping her so busy on a Sunday afternoon anyways?

“Er - actually I’m new here. It’s my first day. I was wondering if I could be like, told where to go? I don’t have a schedule…or a room,” He trails off, glancing awkwardly back at the woman who looks like she could be doing so many other things.


“Louis Tomlinson.” The woman opens several drawers before picking a random manila folder. She files through it at a rapid pace and stops somewhere near the bottom.

The woman hands him a large packet with a few extra papers close to falling out. “Here’s a pamphlet all about Fulneck: our rooming, academics, classes, etcetera. Your room number and schedule,” She says, passing him a light yellow piece of paper, “and a room key.” She passes him a small metal key with a tiny ring on it. “Keep it somewhere safe.”

Louis stands there awkwardly as she goes back to her work. “Okay, but uhm…where are the dorms…I uh, don’t really know where to -”

“A student should be here any second to show you around.” She tells him with a tight smile, before lowering her head again. Louis’ eyebrows seem stuck near the top of his forehead as he turns around and waits for this supposed student to show him up.

A sudden pounding of footsteps sounds from the stairwell and a boy with shiny blonde hair is jogging toward him, his face red and cardigan askew. He stops short in front of him, his hands on his knees, fighting for breath. “Fuck,” He mutters under his breath, finally standing up straight.

All the while Louis is just looking at him, waiting for him to speak. “Sorry, mate. Woke up to a call from the main office telling me I’d be showing around a new student. Thought I’d shower so I didn’t scare you off,” He swallows and looks around. “Shit I need water.”

Louis almost laughs. “Uhm, I have a water bottle in my -”

“Do you mind?” The smaller boy asks, and Louis pulls out a half finished bottle of water from his messenger bag, handing it to the boy. “Thanks, mate.” He breathes after he’s taken several large gulps, holding the bottle out as if he wants Louis to take it back. Louis just gives a shrug.

“Keep it.” He insists.

“Thanks. I’m Niall.” They shake hands and Louis shows him his schedule and they talk while walking through the buildings long, narrow corridors.

“Your room is right near mine!” Niall says excitedly, eyes skimming over his schedule. “Probably why they asked me to show you around - but this is awesome.” Louis laughs.

Niall is seventeen, same as Louis, except Louis’ turning eighteen in December and Niall’s just had his birthday in September. He’s from Mullingar and has been going to Fulneck for almost five years, he has three close friends here, and apparently, Louis is lucky to be next to him because his room is loaded with snacks. “If you ever run out of hair wax, Zayn’s the man to go to. Although - Liam’s pretty into that stuff too.”

Louis has no idea who either of these people are but he assumes they’re two of his three close friends. Niall looks at his schedule again and notices out loud that they have a few classes together, including lunch.

“You’re taking sociology?” Niall asks in a weary tone.

“Yeah, why?” Louis questions.

“Boring as fuck. I would not recommend it.”

Louis shrugs again. “Too late now.”

“Yeah, well, my buddy takes it as well. He seems to like it,” Niall makes a face. “Wasn’t for me.”

Louis’ arms are hurting from his three heavy suitcases and he’s slightly annoyed that Niall hasn’t even offered to help him, but then they’re walking down a hallway with wooden floors and loud music and he can tell they’re coming to a stop soon, as there is literally nowhere else to go beyond the dead end.

“Dorm sweet dorm,” Niall sighs, pointing to the blank, dusty looking door at the end of the hall. “It’s empty for now but the longer you’re here the homier it’ll get.”

“Okay well…I’ll go get settled in, yeah?” Louis gives him a small smile, pushing past his door and into his room. It’s empty, obviously, with nothing but a plain desk and an unused bed built into the wall. Louis thinks he hears something like, ‘call me over when you’re done,’ before he shuts his door but he ignores it. Louis pushes his suitcases against the wall, deciding to deal with it later, and collapses onto his bed tiredly.
For now, he was sleeping.

Sooooo. I’m trying to make this story so that it’s not entirely smut, because there will be in future chapters. I figured I’d get an okay plot going first. Also if you guys want I’ll post the next chapter later which is in Harry’s POV :)

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