home is wherever i’m with you; prologue.

based off of this prompt: Louis gives a teacher a blow job at his school, his parents find out and decide to ship him off to a conservative Private School far away. There he meets Harry, who is incredibly innocent and doesn’t really understand the concept of sex. Louis makes it his mission to pop Harry’s cherry, and turn him into a cock!slut. He falls for Harry in the process. (last part is optional.) Louis is 17 and Harry has just turned 15.

rating: mature [kind of in this chapter but more later, obviously.]

words: 853

tbh i have no idea how many chapters this will be but i loved this prompt a lot, so i’ll try to update as much as i can. :)

To be fair, it was a student teacher, and he was hardly even five years older than him. He was nice to Louis: subtly flirting with him, letting his missed homework go unnoticed, talking to him when no one else would. Not that Louis was particularly an outcast in his school, but ever since he’d come out, his friend count had admittedly began to dwindle.

He was unsure of how he’d let it get to that point, as it all happened so fast. He went to his office begging him (Mr. Cavanaugh, that is) to lift his grade to something passing, as he was failing by just one grade point. Mr. Cavanaugh had actually laughed when he’d asked him, and Louis scowled at the back of his head. He’d imagined it being easier than this, really.

"Louis, I’m not even getting paid for this. I could get in a lot of trouble by changing it. My grade and my future depends on it." Louis rolls his eyes, seemingly unconcerned by it. All he had to do was bump up his test grades. It wasn’t fucking rocket science.

"What if I promise to make it up to you?" Louis asks, a slight pout on his face as he leans against his desk and looks down at the student teacher hopefully.

Mr. Cavanaugh looked up at him with slight curiosity. “And how will you do that Louis? Are you going to pay me?” He snorts.

Louis smiles, shakes his head. “Haven’t got any money. But I have got something else.”

"And what’s that?" He asks, quirking an eyebrow. Louis lowers himself to his knees so that he’s kneeling in front of where Mr. Cavanaugh sits in his chair, feeling an awful lot like he’s just been shoved in some cheesy porn fantasy. The student teacher sucks in a breath, eyes gone wide.

"Well, on top of quite a lot of experience, and top notch performance rates," he reaches out his fingers to unbutton the older boys trousers. "I’ve been told I’ve got a sharp tongue." A smirk tugs at the corner of his mouth, and when there are no objections, he tugs them down to his knees.

His size was nothing to be embarrassed by, but it definitely wasn’t the biggest thing he’d ever seen, and it left him feeling strangely disappointed. If he was going to be involved in a teacher/student affair it might as well be…worth it.

Never one to back out, Louis leans forward and gives a generous swipe of his tongue along his shaft, before taking the head into his mouth completely. He worked what he couldn’t fit into his mouth with his fingers, and in an incredibly short amount of time, the older boy was trembling. “Fuck, Louis.”

Louis stiffens, deciding he doesn’t like the way his name sounds when he says it. In fact, he’s suddenly feeling quite…dirty, and realizes he wants this to be finished. He sucks the head of his cock harder into his mouth and he can tell he’s going to come any second. Leaning back on his heels slightly, he prepares to let off and finish him with his hand, but the fist in his hair tightens and pushes him down again. With a grunt, the older boy comes in his mouth, tilting his head back, his breathing ragged.

When he looks down again, Louis is brushing the hair off of his forehead, swallowing with a bitter look on his face. It’s suddenly never been so quiet in his whole life and they make eye contact for all too long and Louis is still just sitting there between his knees, when suddenly, “Mr. Cavanaugh? What is going on here?” rings from behind him.

Louis must’ve jumped ten feet in the air, scrambling backwards until his back hit the filing cabinet. And of fucking course t’s their principal, looking for Mrs. Newman (Louis’ actual physics teacher). “My office, Mr. Tomlinson. Now.” Louis hurries to his feet, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand and nearly running out of the room.

Mr. Cavanaugh was fired. Louis never heard from him again, obviously, but he guesses he failed his uni class miserably. Louis’ mother, Jay, is so embarrassed she can hardly look at any of his teachers in the eye, or even him for that matter, and that night she comes into his room and tells him he’s leaving.

What - where?” He asks worriedly, tossing his mobile aside.

She’s quiet for a moment, her eyes sad. Disappointed. “It’s called Fulneck. It’s in West Yorkshire? Er. It’s truly lovely, Lou -“

"What the fuck?"

"Please know I’m not trying to punish you—well, I am, but. Word spreads fast, okay? I’m actually doing you a favor. You wouldn’t want to go back to school after this, surely? I mean, you’re already suspended. Going back there would be a nightmare."

Louis looks down at his lap and tries to bite back the sob threatening to escape his throat. His eyes burn and he can feel hot tears trickle down his cheeks. “I have…friends here.” (Kind of a lie, but whatever.)

His mother looks guiltily down at her feet, avoiding her son’s eyes. “Well, it’s done. You’re leaving Sunday.” She leaves his room quickly, trying to seem stern, and leaving Louis sitting bleary eyed alone on his bed.

And though there was probably a million other things he could’ve said, could’ve done, the only thing he managed was to grab his laptop and Google the school he’d be attending for the rest of the year, muttering a quiet string of curses through his sniffling and tears.

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